Thursday, November 19, 2015

Ijo Kolor Studios has released its first mobile game: MathBreaker

New Android mobile games from Ijo Kolor Studios has been released today. It is called MathBreaker. The gameplay mixes Breakout and math operation. It was made in around 2 months using the sophisticated Game Maker Studio.

Do try it out and leave your feedbacks about it.

Check the game out on the link below :

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Check on which global zone does the Solaris container resides

One of the major challenge of managing Oracle Solaris server is finding out where the host really resides. The system administrator can't just assume that every Solaris shell they login into is the global zone. Even more problems could arise if the administrator is new or the system just have been handed over to them.

One way to find out which the Solaris container resides is by using this long command :

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

TP-Link MR-3220 + OpenWRT, lessons learned

Recently I've tried to install modified firmware on my TP-Link MR-3220. It's a decent wifi router, in my opinion. It has a USB port so it can be connected with wireless modems. But I found some difficulties from it. Some modems I owned cannot be detected, while some other can be used, but really hard to connect with the non-bundled network provider. (The wifi router is positioned on the second floor of 3 stories building, so the wireless broadband signal is not good enough).

And then I found OpenWRT. The aim of OpenWRT is basically to replace the stock firmware of wireless router to an open-source, linux based operating system. It even got it's own package manager (OPKG). With it, my broadband modem finally works with the MR-3220 and non-bundled internet provider.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Back-up broken HDD partition to image file using linux dd

After four years of service (as I remember), my external hd drive finally about to meet its end. I'm hearing squeaking and clicking noise from it. Then I think before it getting worse, I need to backup the data to another media. A long time ago, I already heard about the tool : "dd" - that is able to backup even a broken hard drive. So, I decided to give it a try.

The command is simple. I just use
 dd if=/dev/sdc1 of=/home/myname/imagefile conv=noerror,sync
/dev/sdc1 is the partition that I wanted to backup, and after the of= argument, I put the target image file. The noerror option simply made the reading process going even if an error is found, and the sync option.... I'm not sure about it :p. I use it because the tutorials on the web also use it.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Frozen Bubble S60v3 320×240

Based on Frozen Bubble for S60 Project mantained by Elias Konstantinidis. Unfortunately the project didn't have 320x240 version.

Then I took the source-code, installed Carbide C++ and S60 SDK for Nokia FP2, modified some codes and graphics, then finally it is done in less than 6 hours : Frozen Bubble S60v3 320×240 !!!

Notes :

  • Tested on Nokia E63
  • It might need qwerty keypad to input hi-score names

The license is GPL.

Download Installer (unSigned)

Download Installer (Signed)

Download Source Code


This project is now available on the root project site of Frozen Bubble for S60 (credits to Elias Konstantinidis)

Frozen Bubble for S60 Project Site

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

S60v3 Tango! Icon Theme


- Developed based on Tango! Theme S60v3 by Sukimashita.
- All icon on SVG format.
- Complete Context Menu icon for Nokia E63 1st party apps ( and perhaps a few other types of S60v3 phones )
- A few Clearlooks style widgets
- A few icon customization for some 3rd party applications

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A long 'vacuum-of-bloging' isn't it ?

Well since I got two blog pages, it's so hard to be fair on them. (Actually my other blog isn't updated also). I've been busy all this long, preparing my final project on bachelor degree. The exam will be held on January 28, 2008.

Ask: But why do you still able to write unecessary things right now ?
Answer : My draft report have been collected by the department's administration, and the only thing need to be prepared right now is my presentation and handouts. But, I feel like the D-Day is so far away. And right now I don't know what to do to fill up my leisure time. Maybe tomorrow I'll start preparing the presentation.

for now , check out this grid computing research group blog:

Well, gotta go...
See you next month.

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